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The Dimensions Gallery showcases large format holographic and cellular art by Tom Liguori and Red Wolf. Call or email us today to make an appointment.

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Meet the Artists

I think what you see really depends upon the position that you view things from. And to me, that’s kind of a metaphor for life. –Tom Liguori

Tom Liguori is reinventing what’s possible in the art world through innovative large format cell and holographic pieces. His love for both left and right-brained disciplines inspired him to explore and invent new techniques to create his unique mediums. And he does it all to help others.


My intention is to offer a mature fine art expression that will stand the test of time. –Red Wolf

Red Wolf is a local San Diego artist using aluminum and holography to create his ethereal pieces. He sees himself as a painter drawing on the rich history and technique of painters who have come before him. Today’s material science enables him to arrange nanostructures and effect optics in creating artwork in ways unlike anything that has been possible before.

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All Videos

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Collaborative Pieces

Tom and Red have collaborated to create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces. Check out the videos to learn more.

Committed To Giving

100% of all proceeds from the sale of Tom Liguori Art is donated to these select charities.